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The Molnár Ferenc Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School(9-15, Somogyi Béla u., Budapest 1085) is the successor of the Civil School for Girls established in 1886 and that of the Primary School founded in 1964, moreover, that of the Jókai Mór Primary School founded in 1912. It is situated in the Inner Józsefváros, between Blaha Lujza Square and Gutenberg Square, near the CORVIN Department Store. The number of pupils is around 500. Sixty instructors teach the pupils and a 29-member technical staff provides the efficient operation of the school. This is an eight-grade elementary school and the most important pedagogical tasks are to develop and improve pupils’ knowledge, abilities and skills as well as preparing them for their secondary school studies with special emphasis on:

  1. Hungarian-English bilingual education
  2. teaching foreign languages ( English and German),
  3. information technology
  4. scientific education and training,
  5. teaching Art
  6. Physical Education – by developing a close cooperation with sport clubs.

The school is aware of the importance of the integrated education and teaching in case of children in need of individual tutoring or with the outstandingly talented children. The teaching and educational work is supported by special tutors, a speech therapist and a school psychologist.
In this loving and nurturing atmosphere and school that provide security, instructors regularly organize special camp schools in the countryside during the academic year and other camps during the summer holiday. Trips abroad and study trips support foreign language teaching.
Besides the cost effective management, we try to increase the financial sources of the school through different incomes and tenders. Recently, we have succeeded in winning a HUF 5 million European Union grant and a further HUF 2 million national grant that we can spend on the education and training of the multiply handicapped pupils, on the development of sport equipment and on organizing open school programmes. The Comenius Multilateral Partnership project has recently ended – our school had won an 18.000 Euro grant from the Tempus Foundation. During the programme our school worked together with a Swedish lower secondary school (Ektorp School in the centre of Norrköping) and two Italian schools (Istituto Comprensivo, Felino, and “E. Guatelli” di Collechio) in the province of Parma. In the course of the two-year project teachers and pupils had the possibility to build close connections with their European peers and colleagues.
Apart from the outstanding results in the different subjects, in arts and in sports, it is a unique achievement that 20 pupils have passed the ITK Origo language exam in German, and 300 pupils have passed the basic level Pitman language exam in English in the past years. Approximately 100 pupils have obtained the ECDL Start Certificate or are in the process of obtaining the ECDL Start Certificate. We are proud of our pupils, 90% of whom continue their studies in secondary schools where they obtain a GCE certificate.
The outstandingly successful results of the language instruction has been appreciated by the local maintainer in that it has given its approval and permission to introduce the Hungarian-English bilingual education from 1 September, 2008. Besides having 5 English lessons a week, pupils from the first grade learn Arts, Crafts and Environmental Subjects in English. The name of the school has also changed together with the introduction of the bilingual education. The local maintainer has come to the decision based on the suggestions of the pupils, the parents, the teachers and the school board that from 1 September, 2008, the new name of the Somogyi Béla Primary School (9-15, Somogyi Béla u., Budapest 1085) will be: Molnár Ferenc Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School.

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