Menü Bezárás


Our motto: ‘A child must be welcomed with respect, brought up with love and let go away in freedom.’ /Rudolph Steiner/



In the school year of 2018/2019 we intend to have three classes:

1a: Hungarian-English bilingual class

1b: specializes in Mathematics or English

1c: specializes in Art


Why to choose Molnár?

  • Friendly atmosphere, parents are considered partners
  • Focus on personality, effective upbringing and education
  • Wide range of programmes: traditional events, international relations


We are looking forward to meeting you in Molnár.

For further information, please call our deputy headteacher, Réka Boda on 484-0659.


You may meet the future class teachers from 4.30 on 6th January, 2018.

Open lessons for both parents and children:

  • 31st January 2018,   periods 1-3 (8.00-10.40)
  • 14th February 2018, periods 1-3 (8.00-10.40)
  • 28th February 2018, periods 1-3 (8.00-10.40)


Play with us on Molnár Grund (for children who start going to school in September 2018):

  • 5th March 2018, 16.15-17.00 –  Let’s sing and dance.
  • 12th March 2018, 16.15-17.00 – Let’s move.
  • 19th March 2018, 16.15-17.00 – Arts and crafts


Tea-party on 26th March 2018 – Meet the future teachers from 4.30.

You may ask for pedagogic advice from 4.00 on 9th and 10th April 2018.