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Ferenc Molnár Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School
(Molnár Ferenc Magyar- Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola)
 (9-15. Somogyi Béla utca Budapest 1085) preserving the ancestors’ traditions and virtues is the legal successor of the Civil Girls’ School, established in 1886, the Primary School established in 1964, as well as the Jókai Mór Primary School, established in 1912.

The school is situated in the centre of Józsefváros, in the Palace Quarters.


Its most important tasks are to prepare the students for the secondary-school studies, to convey advanced knowledge and to develop the students’ personality, skills and abilities. It consciously undertakes integrated education with children with special needs and with highly talented ones.

There are 3 parallel classes in each year: one class is English bilingual, the other’s profile is Mathematics-English and there is an Art class (Art, Music) The students are enrolled according to their interest.

The teachers regularly organize forest school camps during the school year and various camps during the summer holidays.


Special features:

  • Bilingual education, which was established in the school year 2008-2009 in an ascending system.

  • Cooperation Agreement with the Origo Language Centre (Origo Nyelvi Centrum Kft.). The students take a junior, a basic level or an intermediate level language exam according to their knowledge gained.

  • Mentoring institution: Since the school year 2014-2015, the school has been working as a methodological centre providing regular assistance to other schools in taking over and applying successful practice. The model is an experience centered, engaging, information-communication tool using English language teaching that has been well-functioning and effective for many years now.

  • Teaching Informatics at a high level. (Preparation for the ECDL Start exam)

  • Red Cross Base School: Attitude, spirituality and responsible community involvement. The students and teachers acquire the first aid knowledge.

  • ÖKO school:: The idea of sustainability and conveying everyday values for the children, the parents and the teachers.

  • International relationships: Our school has won in the Comenius school cooperation projects twice; the latest was between 20132015. Our partners were: Bulgaria, France, Poland and Italy.


The student communityThe number of students is 480.


The teaching staffThe number of teachers is 56. The teaching staff is a cohesive community with the same pedagogical principles.


The teaching-education work is helped by:

  • 1 school psychologist working part-time,

  • 3 developer teachers

  • 2 pedagogical assistants

  • 1 IT manager


The school owns

  • 23 classrooms,

  • 14 specialized classrooms,

  • a library,

  • 2 gym halls,

  • a gym room,

  • a room for body building,

  • a sports court.

The use of digital teaching materials and aids is regular with the help of fixed projectors and laptops in the specialized classrooms. Each room has internet access.



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