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What was Józsefváros like?

On the occasion of the 240th anniversary of the local district (Józsefváros), the local government announced a drawing contest called “What was Józsefváros like?”. Our students have achieved remarkable results. The awards were handed over by Sántha Péterné at the Mayor’s office. After the ceremony, the students went to see a performance at the Grimm-Bus Theatre. Congratulation!


Lower grade classes:


Burszán Kata Júlia – 4.a – 1st place

Barta Veronika – 4.b – 4th place

Lakatos Lívia – 4.a – 5th. place

Márton Dóra – 4.a – 5th place

Fekete Jázmin – 4.a – 5th place


Higher grade classes:

Bozsik Virág – 6.a – 4th place

Vadász Jázmin – 5.c – 5th place