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Dear Parents

Dear Parents,


As I have informed you this week, two students have been tested positive for the coronavirus, with mild symptoms. The students concerned have been in self-isolation for more than a week now. Currently, they show no sign of symptoms. 

The good news is that we have no knowledge of any new positive test results or confirmed cases!

The Human Resources Ministry has set out procedures to be followed by public education institutions in the 2020- 2021 school year with regard to the pandemic situation. In order to prevent the outbreak of any epidemic, the following precautionary measures apply at our institution:

  • Only healthy, asymptomatic students may be on school premises.
  • Parents are not allowed on the school site.
  • Performing hand hygiene prior to entering is a MUST, that is the use of public hand sanitizing stations are obligatory before passing the threshold of the entrance to any sections of the building.
  • Starting from September 24 onwards, both students and teachers will have to undergo temperature screening upon entry.
  • Students can only re-enter school and their classes- after sickness- on condition that they present immediately a valid medical certificate.
  • Students (grades 5-8) MUST wear a mask at all times outside their classrooms, especially when physical distancing cannot be maintained. ( public spaces) However, wearing a mask is possible, but not mandatory during teaching hours and classes.
  • Teachers and support staff (technical workers) MUST wear a mask at all times in public spaces as well.
  • Windows are opened and there’s a regular window-airing in classrooms in between classes and during classes as well.
  • Cleaning and janitorial workers clean frequently-touched surfaces hourly. ( doorknobs, toilets etc)
  • School toilets are equipped with liquid soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Since school meals could also be arranged at the school’s conference room (located on the ground floor) , therefore safe physical distancing can be ensured at the school canteen.
  • Interschool activities such as study groups can only take place provided that students stay within their relevant cohort group (i.e class, year group).
  • Students don’t attend swim trainings.
  • There’s neither singing in class nor band rehearsals, but listening to music is given priority during lessons.
  • The school’s buffet is closed.
  • Student competitions can only be organized via online.



COVID protocols, that are compulsory for us:


School (Principal): immediate notification of the Klebersberg Institution Maintenance Centre and school doctor regarding individuals who have symptoms consistent with COVID -19 and potential contacts as well.


Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre: forwards it to the relevant departments, authorities.


Educational Authority: can order extraordinary education break for a few days


Operation Board: One-off decisions affecting individual schools – including a possible return to digital classrooms – may be taken by the operative board coordinating Hungary’s response to the pandemic The Operative Board can order schools to halt traditional classroom teaching completely or re-introduce digital education in specific classes, usually for a definite period of time (2 weeks).


Therefore:  The Principal of the School is NOT entitled to declare a quarantine, an education break or remote learning!


I am asking all the PARENTS, guardians to notify me right away if their child has a suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection or they are about to be tested (along with the test result).


We are still counting on your cooperation, and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!