Menü Bezárás

Opening and protocol

Dear Parents,

We were looking forward to meeting again! According to the government’s decision teaching has been started in the traditional way in every school.

But the beginning of the school year is a little bit different from the one that we would have liked. We need to make some changes in our everyday life because of the Corona virus pandemic. Keeping the following rules is essential so that every child and teacher can be safe in the school and that the danger of getting infected can be reduced.

Depending on the situation of the pandemic and with regard to the suggestions of the government and our experience the rules will be updated continuously and we will inform you about it.

We have been cooperating successfully so far so I believe that we can count on you in keeping these rules, as well.

With your supporting remarks and suggestions please turn to the class teachers and the SZMK.

Thank you.

Tanosné Horváth Márta


Important information:

  • Before the teaching started there had been a full disinfectant cleaning in the whole building.
  • According to the NKK specifications there is a full disinfectant cleaning every day.
  • It is compulsory for everyone to use the hand sanitizer at the gate.
  • Liquid soap and disinfectant soap are provided for the students in the lavatories.
  • Depending on the weather, airing of the classrooms is continuous.
  • The parents can accompany their children only to the exterior gate, they must go to their classrooms alone from there.
  • The students of the junior section must enter the building through the gate of the OLD building, the students of the senior section through the gate of the NEW building.
  • Only healthy children can attend the school.
  • The parent has to inform the school if the child or the people who live with him/her are infected with the corona virus or if there is just a suspicion of it.
  • The parent has to inform the school if he/she was abroad during the previous 14 days (red or yellow country) or travels abroad after the 1st September.
  • The students who belong to the vulnerable group from the point of the corona virus, because they have a chronic illness (for example, cardiovascular disease, liver or kidney disease) must present the class teacher a medical certificate about it. In this case their absence is certified.
  • The absence of the students in official quarantine is also certified.
  • In case of any other absence the House Rule regulations are valid.
  • Only those students whose parents certified work hours make it really necessary can take advantage of the morning (6.45-7.30) and afternoon (16.00-17.00) duty


  • The students can go into their classrooms from 7.30 (their teachers and the teachers on duty will wait for them there). There is no gathering on the ground floor.
  • The buffet is not working currently so please pack elevenses for the children
  • It is forbidden for the students to bring their toys to the school.
  • The mask in the classrooms is not compulsory but can be used.
  • The students who have a fever or present other symptoms in the school will be separated (with supervision) and the school will inform the parents and the school doctor.
  • The senior section students can use the yard in the breaks, the junior section just according to the agreement.

Presence of parents in the institution:

The parents can enter the school only in a justified case and besides the hand disinfection they have to wear a mask in the prescribed way.

The parents can come in:

      -when there is lunch payment on the previously announced days

      -at the time of the secretarial reception

(Monday: 7.30-12.00, Tuesday: 12.00-16.30, Friday: 7.30-12.00)

      -at teacher’s reception with making an appointment in advance

      –at parents’ meeting

We prefer the electronic way of contact with the parents.