Menü Bezárás



Dear Parents,

The payment schedule for meals will change depending on the epidemic situation.
Children who are already paying by bank transfer will not be affected by these changes, as parents will already receive the amount due via email and refer to the specified deadline.
Parents currently paying in cash, if possible, please arrange that the lunch can be paid by bank transfer. To do this, we will need an email address and a transfer statement.

Please send the e-mail address to which you would like to get further information to email address.

Please write your child’s name, class and school in this email.

If you still wish to settle your lunch payment in cash, please put the exact amount in an envelope on the pre-arranged payment dates. Write the child’s name, class, type of meal (lunch or 3 x meal) on the envelope. Write in the message notebook the amount you sent with your child, which I will confirm with my signature. The change will be returned in the envelope along with the invoice.
In the case of those who receive regular child protection benefits, meals are ordered in the same way as in previous years. If you have not brought the certificate document to the school yet (or it is in progress after getting it), please put it in an envelope and sent it to me by the child. We will order the meal, then please fill  out and sign  the declaration and send it back.
Daily meal fees have decreased, so a
3x meal fee: 439.20 HUF / day
lunch-meal fee: 304.20 HUF / day
Those with a 50% discount pay half of the amount per day.
If you have any questions or need more information, you can do it at the following contacts:
Budapest, September 16, 2020


Laura Schakel
JSZSZGYK economic administrator